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frequently asked
How often do you restock the machines?

We stock our machines fresh everyday. Portions' products are made fresh in our kitchen and delivered Monday through Friday via refrigerated trucks vehicles to our refrigerated kiosks. Our meals and snacks stay in our Kiosks from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the shelf life of the specific menu item and its ingredients. 

What do you do with the old food?

When our drivers arrive at our kiosks they remove the previous day's food and we donate it to local food banks in Montreal

Where is the food made?

Our food is prepped early morning each day at our central kitchen facility located in Ville St. Laurent.

Do you use organic ingredients?

All our ingredients are sourced locally here in Quebec. 100% all natural food with no preservatives. We are organic wherever possible and work with local hydroponic growhouses such as Lufa Farms and La Boîte Maraîchère.

Can I get a machine in my office building?

Of course! Message us at or call us at (514)-757-1222 to discuss details!

How does the Portion's team uphold ethical standards?

At Portions, we care about the environment. All of our jars and utensils are BPA-free and recyclable and we have onsite recycling bins attached to each kiosk. All food items that are not donated to local food banks due to expiration are composted.